Jan 1, 2014

2013 Through Pictures

2013: Through Pictures
(the Science year)

Another exciting year! Full of action, adventure and.. science :D
Apart from some mortal stories in Ifran's mountain or at Istanbul's princess island, and some fun or relaxing moments with friends.. It certainly was the year of knowledge for me.
I suddenly happened to be in thirst of "understanding" all the WHYs and HOWs sleeping in my mind from the very childhood.

Sep 22, 2013

[TRIP] Istanbul, Turkey

The second largest and most populated city.. The oldest and the only city in the world that is expanding over two different continents: Europe and Asia! That is:

Istanbul (Constantinople)

"One of the most beautiful cities in the world"

My trip to Turkey was an epic 8 days journey! Full of experiences, adventure and new meetups..
I seriously didn't expect the city to be as beautiful and welcoming as it actually was! I even started learning how to talk Turkish, which isn't a hard language at all, just for me to be able to communicate with Turkish people there instead of being just a viewer, not interacting with people, but it seemed that I didn't have to use the Turkish sentences and words I learned because, simply, the majority speaks English.

Jan 13, 2013

[STORY] Snow Trap

SNOW trap

 Ifrane, the Habri Mount..
A sudden hunger for strong emotions led us to rent a horse per person for an hour and went right inside the mountain tryig to reach the "unknown place" where no one put a foot on it before (yes I know, it's just the feeling we get when we are searching for adventure in a simple place).. At first the weather was very [VERY] cold however there was no snow..

Dec 12, 2012

2012 Through Pictures

2012: Through Pictures
(the Super year)

An awesome year, I saw a lot of life aspects I didn't know about before!
I visited many new places, many epic lands;
I got in touch with different people from different cultures and with different
ideas we shared; I experienced many strong feelings, extreme sensations and
challenged myself at every opportunity I got!

The 2012 year was the transition to a better and stronger person that I became..

Sep 2, 2012

[COM] Google Ambassador Program 2012-13

During the last week of August 2012, Google hosted 235 students from 70 universities in 11 countries from all over the Middle East and North Africa for the second run of our Google Student Ambassador Program. With 160 more students than last year, the Google Student Ambassador (GSA) program tripled in size this year. Students came from far and wide to attend the training which took place in the busy grand city of Cairo, Egypt. 

Annnd here we go again! :D
A new year full of magic and Googley surprises!!

YES! Google just decided to pick me up again for the 2nd year to represent it in my country as a Google Student Ambassador, as well as a former one (meaning an old/new GSA on board).

That also means another awesome training week with all new GSAs in Cairo ;)

Moroccan GSAs arriving at Cairo airport